Three cheers for hockey coaches and cheerios... I think.

So, one of Madden's hockey coaches was talking about the little things, the little habits that make good hockey players, such as, making your bed. LOL. So, even though he's been *trying* to keep his room somewhat clean, well... he's trying. Tonight BEFORE bed (stalling tactics) he tidied & vacuumed his room AND made his bed; fitted sheet and all. So I went in to check it out, gave him a high 5 for his efforts & asked, "So, what about the cheerios that I saw on your bed from this morning?" <Cue sheepish little grin>...."Welllllllll... if I don't move around much, I can't feel them. But I do feel one right here... <giggles> and they'll be good for later tonight if I"m hungry..."

== Dawn ==


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