Christmas dishes. LOL So they begin...

Poor Madden got up this morning (December 24th), stumbled bleary-eyed to the tree mumbling "Did Santa come? Is today the day?!" Then I heard, "Uh oh. Gotta go ask Daddy" Clearly Santa did not come & he was a little worried. ;)

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A bit later today...

Brenley was trying to teach Madden how to do math so he could play a math Bingo game on the iPad. Needless to say he wasn't quite understanding, but she was relentless in her efforts. The last question I heard before she screamed in frustration was,

"Madden, what's 17-15?"



Two Christmas-y Gems in an hour...

"Whoa! I like that licker!"

Madden plays some tunes on the fiddle

Madden was drivin'er on the fiddle and even named some tunes. He didn't want me to video the whole thing... but sometimes little white lies are good for the archives ;)

Analyzing from behind...

Last evening while we were getting ready to go to skating, I was walking in our porch to get Madden's sneakers. He stopped me, all of a sudden:

Mom! Mom! Stop! 

What Madden?

How come when you walk your butt cheeks go all like this? [and he proceeded to walk with a deliberate arse wiggle from side to side]

Ugh. Little arse himself.

Madden's first self portrait

He was some proud of this!!
October 6, 2012

The things I hope will never go... but I know they will

I have to take a moment to record these little gems that are constants in conversation. These Maddenisms will be gone before we know it...

  • Lawn the Mow -- "Daddy! Thanks for letting me lawn the mow with you! That was fun!"
  • Trudeau -- "Where do Row and; Donkey live, Madden?" "Trudeau"
  • Falihax -- "Where was the motel where our room was right beside the pool, Madden?" "Falihax"
  • "When I was 6..." -- "When I was six I used to have a teacher called Campbell Campbell. She was a good teacher." (It's also the phrase used to introduce anything he's trying to be a part of and normally can't find any other connection.)

I'll keep adding to the list as more pop into conversation.

  • Is Daddy done swipper whicking?!? (whipper snipping)
  • URGH! You're just trying to accu-ate me! (aggrevate)
  • Where's the tee-mote? (remote... for the tv, of course!)

I tell you...

STOP saying 'Oh My God' when I fart every time. You do it every time and it's embarrassing and not polite. So don't say it and don't laugh at me.

Regular Thursday night conversation...

Kyle is sitting in the chair after working in the garden all evening, drinking a beer.
Madden is bopping around... playing, commenting on this and that.

Kyle tells him it's time for bed. Madden asks if he can brush his teeth by himself. He does.

Then he comes back to the living room and takes note of the beer and says,

"You're gonna be drunk!"


A couple of gems...

I forgot to post about this one...

this happened on April 27th.
Brenley & Madden had gotten in another tiff about whatever before bed time. So, when he was in bed, he was playing with his toy dog, Scout, which sings songs all about Madden. So, anyway, it started off singing...

"Me and my pal... Madden." 

To which Madden replied,
"See! He don't like Brenley either, Mommy!"

And then tonight...

overheard from Madden, tucked into bed, supposed to be going to sleep:
" [mumble, mumble] Jimmy quit... Joey got married... [mumble, mumble]"

LOL. Name that tune!

The chances of getting a serious or normal photo these days...

... are slim to none!

All in one day...

... actually in the span of 2 hours:

We were driving a friend home from school & she and I were talking in the front seat. Well, Mr. Madden was feeling a bit left out.
 "Mommy.... Mommmmy!.... MOMMY?!?!?!" 
Yes, Madden?
"What you guys talkin' bout?"
Oh, the price of tea...
"Yeah, right. T...U...V...W...X, Y, Z!"


Then later when we got home, he was being a not-so-good boy. I got cross at him & yelled "MADDEN GILLIS!"
He just looked at me with this stunned little grin on his face and said,
 "You forgot the Iain Ruaraidh part" 

Today's Email...

Got an email today from the babysitter that said...

"Madden got in a bit of trouble today. Hopefully he will get on the straight and narrow soon!!!!!!!"

All I saw was the first sentence & immediately thought "Oh GOD! What did he ruin on her?"

Then I scrolled down & saw this pic:

I guess he's a little more like Uncle Pat than we thought ;)

Hockey, Weather Forecasts, Sickness, and General Phrases

We're watching Cindy Day do the weather forecast on the news at noon. She says "flurries". Madden pipes up: "What she sayin'? Fleury? The Goalie? She's talkin'bout goalies? Why? Why you guys laughin'?!" LOL All Hockey. All. The. Time.


Brenley is sick on the couch with a stomach  bug. Madden is watching "she" to make sure she's ok. Then he comes and tells me, 
"It's ok, Mommy. I put my hand on she head. She doesn't have a beaver. She ok."


Words that Madden has his own spin on:

wub = love "I wub you, Mommy!"
she = her "I check on she"
we = our "I playin' wit we toys."
tenaly = penalty "I'm in the tenaly box."
foft = soft "I want my foft blankie."
grink = drink "I want a grink of milk"

So, in spite of all of that gibberish, he can pull off something like this:

And here's a popular video... LOL

Math according to Madden

We're on our way home from school and I hear the math lesson going on in the back seat of the truck. Brenley is printing numbers and asking Madden if he knows what each number is.

What's this number, Madden?
2. Luke Leduc.

This one?
Morgan Ellis. 4

This one?
3. Nobody.

This one?
5. Nobody.

This one?
8. What's that guy's name again, Mommy?
Corey MacIntosh.
8 MacIN-tosh.

What's 2+2, Madden?
Two. Two. Dany Potvin.

Brenley says....
"Oh my god, Mommy! L-O-L!"


Thank god for hockey and his Screaming Eagles he loves so much!