Sticking your nose in hockey?

Last night the bday boy went to bed, happy as a pig in it...snuggled up in new pjs. He managed to sneak his Carey Price & PK Subban figurines in there... along with a Lego "puck"... because you know, it's all hockey... all the time... even when he sleeps. 
So, this morning, he comes downstairs explaining to me how we're going to have to get another TV so he can play NHL'13 on the Xbox "all the long day" (last night it was Eagles vs. Victoriaville in our basement -- he nearly lost his mind!). And then he sneaks in this little quip:
"So, yeah, there's a piece of Lego stuck in my nose."
"HUH!?! Are you serious? How? When?"
And he preceded to explain playing hockey in bed last night, when
"Carey Price missed the save and the piece of Lego ended up in my nose.."
Sure enough... a nice little yellow flower piece of Brenley's Lego... lodged in "the little hole part now" of his nose. 

Dr. Mom got it out... but this kid has no boundaries when it comes to his hockey, I tell ya!

The Imaginary Friend Stage

Yeah, I know. I know it's not normal that Madden is playing hockey here in the kitchen, conversing with his imaginary friend, Budaj, who just happens to be the back-up goalie for the Habs. Apparently Budaj hates the game today.

Hockey. Obsessed.