The things I hope will never go... but I know they will

I have to take a moment to record these little gems that are constants in conversation. These Maddenisms will be gone before we know it...

  • Lawn the Mow -- "Daddy! Thanks for letting me lawn the mow with you! That was fun!"
  • Trudeau -- "Where do Row and; Donkey live, Madden?" "Trudeau"
  • Falihax -- "Where was the motel where our room was right beside the pool, Madden?" "Falihax"
  • "When I was 6..." -- "When I was six I used to have a teacher called Campbell Campbell. She was a good teacher." (It's also the phrase used to introduce anything he's trying to be a part of and normally can't find any other connection.)

I'll keep adding to the list as more pop into conversation.

  • Is Daddy done swipper whicking?!? (whipper snipping)
  • URGH! You're just trying to accu-ate me! (aggrevate)
  • Where's the tee-mote? (remote... for the tv, of course!)