Feeling older...

Madden was in the tub tonite & was hollering and hollering for mom.

"I want MOM! M-O-M! Not you, Dad! I want MOM!"

So I walked into the bathroom to find him in there with a huge beard and moustache made of soap suds.

He looks at me, points up & says,

"Pass me the razor there, eh, Mom?!"


Hockey season has started

Last weekend after hockey Madden STUNK. He smelled of dirty little boy & hockey gear. Lol. So we made him get in the shower as soon as he got home. 2 minutes into the shower he yells, "I'm done!" Kyle said to him through the shower curtain, "You are NOT done! Get some suds on that facecloth, wash your face, your neck, under your arm pits, and between the cheeks of your arse! And do a good job!"
Madden replies, "THERE IS NO WAY I'm WASHING BETWEEN THE CHEEKS OF MY ARSE WITH A HABS FACECLOTH!!! GET ME ANOTHER FACECLOTH!" We had a pretty good chuckle. And the purple facecloth made him smell nice.

Where did he come from?!

After arguing, complaining, whining and driving poor Kyle nuts over a stupid BATH this evening, Kyle was left pondering genetics (cuz he's so much like his Papa) but also wondering out loud, "Where did you come from?!"

Madden's response... In song was...
"I came from the place where angels are born..."

Oh my.

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A holiday weekend, eh?

A PSA on Mother's Day: Always be honest with your mom.

Madden was reading me the Mother's Day card he made for me at school,
"You’re the best mom euvr!”
Me: “ahhhhhhhh! Thanks, Madden!”

Him: “well, uh, only sometimes...”

Some kids count sheep to go to sleep...

A little bedtime chuckle for you, seeing it's Gaelic awareness Month and all...

I was just in saying my 'good nights' to Madden, and he was laying there counting in Gaelic, "aon, a dha, a tri, a ceithir (continues) ...aon-deug, da, dheug, tri deug, ... naoi deug... um.... deich times 2..."

Dare say he's got a good handle on the Gaelic AND the mathematics ;)

Smart ass...

​So, Madden is explaining the game his class was playing in Gaelic class today. It was all about hair colour & those with the same hair colour had to go in the middle of the circle. He and a few other blondies were in the middle when another brunette joined them. 

"Mom! She doesn't know her colours! She doesn't know her hair's not blonde! So <a classmate> whispered to me 'She might have *some* blonde in there somewhere.' So, I said, 'yeah. Maybe in her brain she does... but not on her head!'"

Where does he hear this stuff?

The trials and tribulations of being in Grade Primary

"Mom... I'm probably the only kid in my class that doesn't have Instagram, you know..."

Jesus Murphy
I'm sure you're not, dear.

We're still laughing...

A sneak peek of the hockey season....

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The Life Cycle of a Butterfly (copied from his sister's blog)

There was a lot of discussion yesterday after school. A lot of it had to do with me getting Kyle up to speed as to why Brenley was grounded from her iPad for the day. A full day.  (And I wasn't about to go through the play-one-parent-off-the-other game!)

Anywhoo... Brenley pipes up,
"Yeah! Well you treat me differently than the other kids in class!"

"No, I don't. When you're not paying attention or up and about out of your seat, I call you out on it just as I would anyone else in the class... Would you have done that last year?"

"... no..."

"The year before that? .... the year before THAT?!..."

Brenley retorted with the utmost disdain,
"... well, it's not my fault this is the year the butterfly decided to break free from her cocoon!"

To which, Kyle and I both rolled our eyes...
"Spare me!" Kyle said.

Then I noticed a snapchat coming in on the ipad & I may have threatened to read it, which totally put vinegar in Brenley's wounds and she stormed off to her room and slammed the door.

Little Mr. I-Love-When-My-Sister-Is-In-Trouble starts to sing from side stage:

"Butterfly fly away..."

Then as we're laughing, Madden says,
"WHA? Butterflies fly out of their racoons!"

Oh we laughed!

Birthday Eve troubles

Madden is a little cantankerous this evening on the eve of his birthday. Kyle says to him, "Do you wanna have a birthday tomorrow?!?"

Madden responds, "I don't care if I get presets or have cake... IM STILL GONNA BE SIX TOMORROW!!!!"


Pay attention, close attention with your 'smart brain'

So Kyle comes back down the mountain after MORE water line problems for the rink & after just explaining that he had a bloody nose to us all, Madden asks why there's blood...

"Well, there was a wolf up there who punched me in the nose... I got on top of him, though and punched him back... You think this is bad? You should see the wolf now!"

Madden replies, "Cmon, dad. I'm a smart brain. I know there's no such thing as wolves... Right, mom?!" 

Right, Madden. Lol