Dear McDonald's Customers,

I'd like to take this time to apologize for your unwanted visitor at your table as you were eating your lunch.

I tried to reach him, but his little butt could conveniently slide in between the seat behind you & the window, giving him just enough room to make his way into the *inside* of your seat. Yes, while there he proceeded to prop his chin up in his hands (supported by his elbows on the table) and ramble nonstop:

"Hello! Hockey! Go Habs Go! .... Hockey.... Goot.... Ho ho...."

And yes, Ho Ho does get cross just like Mama.

I know many of the people there found this little visitor to your table quite humorous and entertaining, which, evidently fueled his passion and fire.

I hope you were able to otherwise enjoy your lunch and also hope you didn't miss that fry he stole.

Merry Christmas,
The Mother of Madden Gillis who is clearly not quick enough
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A message from Santa

Madden recieved a very important message from Santa today! You can see it here:

Dance, Dance, wherever you may be

Note: Madden is supporting "Movember"

These boots are made for walking...

... And that's just what Mr. Madden is doing lately - trying on everyone's boots/shoes and strutting around the house lately. Here he is "rockin" Brenley's new cowboy boots ;)
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Good to the last drop

I think he likes a good Cape Breton cup of tea ;)
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2 Gems in 1 Day

We were driving home from the babysitter's and Brenley & I were arguing about something (I can't remember what exactly.). Anyway, the way it all went down is, I was giving her the finite answer about whatever we were talking about and she kept asking:
"But how do you know?!?!"
And... through the rearview mirror I see Mister in the carseat shaking his head no everytime. hee hee.
I guess that's how he "knows".


Madden & I went to the mall, where he proceeded to charm just about everyone there. Each store had different music, of course, and he was drivin'er showing his dance moves to anyone who would watch and/or comment.
By the end of the shopping/looking trip, he was getting pretty sleepy, and while in the last store, he wasn't dancing as much. I asked him if he was going to dance for the girl behind the counter and he did a little. So, I asked him if he could boogie....
and he stuck his finger up his nose and looked right at her!
Ack... my children!
She nearly fell over laughing!

(I hope to post some videos of him dancing & boogeying soon!)

It's all in the meaning of the words...

Madden LOVES to look at pictures. We go through a 5X daily routine of looking at the pictures on the fridge & trying to get him to say the names/words.

So, this morning, Kyle and he were going through the little routine and when it came to cousin Rowan's picture, Kyle asked Madden:

Can you say 'Rowan'?

And... he started rowing. Like rowing a boat. Like row, row, row your boat.

and now for a news bulletin...

well, not really, but there should be some updates on here!

So how do you like me now?
Here's what I'm all about at 15 months old:

  • I have an undying love of golf clubs/hockey sticks.
  • Everytime I see anything hockey I say
    "Guy! Guy! Guy!" (which we think may mean "look")
    "Go Ee-alls Go!"
    I love to hit my sister... my mamaidh... dadaidh... anyone really. And, the only way I'll stop is if you pretend to cry like it really hurt.
  • I know when I'm being bad.
  • My sister has taught me how to jump on the bed.
  • I don't walk. I run. Unless, like at the mall the other evening, I don't want to go anywhere, which, in that case I'll sit on the floor and let someone drag me!
  • I love to dance & have the cutest should shimmy thing that I do with  a little attitude tilt of my head. I've got rhythm!
  • I can pretend to play the fiddle and diddle "tunes" while I'm doing it.
  • When I'm bored with eating I throw all my food on the floor. One night I even threw the plate clear across the living room! (it smashed)
  • I love to play/be outside and throw a tantrum whenever I have to come in.
  • My newfoun talent is putting my shoes on... which means I"m always taking them off so I can put them back on again!
  • I hate socks.
  • I hate being taken out of the bath tub no matter how badly I"m shivering cuz I took the plug out and exclaimed
    "I did it!"
  • I drink copious amounts of milk!
  • I'm currently in love with a soft, fluffy baby blue and white blanket that Sheila Stinky Bum gave me. It has an 'M' on it, too. I love to be wrapped up in it, or walking around with it cozied around me so I look like the Virgin Mary... with horns sticking out.
  • Apparently, I look like Dadaidh, but my personality bears an uncanny resemblance to Uncle Pat's. Maybe it's cuz I love to be the center of attention and seek to make sure I am!

Uh oh :(

Hardwood floor 1 - Madden's lip 0
Quite the fat lip, there, little guy.
Sad part is, it's the first of many to come I'm sure :(
Note to Madden: diving face first into the little Tigger & Pooh couch may be fun, but you can't do it over the back of it!
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Milestones abound...

So, yeah... I can walk now. Although I've been taking steps and short little jaunts from one person to another, at about 3:30pm on January 25th I decided to walk. Yep, just like that. I walked from the kitchen to the living room, and that was it!!!!!

I also had to get my first haircut. Mamaidh didn't like the way my wisps were starting to grow around my ears and meet somewhere near my mouth! I got my first haircut on Friday, January 22nd. And I was a PERFECT boy!