Be careful what you ask....

We went to Moncton for March Break. Germy Palace. Mall. Pool at the hotel. It was a great time. One of Madden's defining moments came when he and I were walking through the mall one day, though.

He's into doing things "a-self". This includes walking in the mall without holding onto your hand, because if he's holding your hand, it's not by "a-self".

So, we were walking along the mall and he was about 2 steps behind me. All of a sudden I hear as loud as anything:

Ugh! Mommy!

"What's wrong, Madden?" (as I look back at he who is looking all serious)

He reaches behind him and starts scratching his arse,

My bum's itchy!!!!

The poor lady walking beside me nearly keeled over in laughter.
"Good luck when he starts school," she said.

Oh... we know, dear.