"No, you're not!"

Apparently, a mother's touch is no longer wanted by this little boy. Over the course of a few months, I've been not-so-gently told that I was only to give Madden pogs ("pocks" or kisses in Gaelic) when he was snuggled tightly in bed. Pfft. Then, the little monster started snuggling with Daddy all day long, giving him pogs whenever he was sure I might be watching. Hard on a mother's heart.

So, the other night, Madden was all snuggled into bed. I dove in to give him a kiss. Not much of a problem. Then I asked him to give me a pog; he wouldn't. So, I proceeded to ask why it was such a problem, and how it hurt my feelings, and how he was still my little boy... to which he responded,

"Oh for God's sakes. Can we stop having this conversation? It's getting awkward!"

My Lord.