Kiss what?

Madden & Kyle are out playing ball in the yard. Ma & I are watching. Ma says, "Kiss that ball before you throw it so you can throw a good one for once." Madden replies, "Pog mo thoin!" LOL (Translation available upon request. LOL)

== Dawn ==

The struggle is real...

So, Madden & Kyle are playing baseball on the XBox. For some reason... one that neither Kyle nor I can figure out.... the "stupid XBox" only makes stupid moves whenever it's Madden's turn. 

Anyway... the fighting continued... and all I could hear from downstairs was Kyle saying (loudly), "OH! GET A GRIP WOULD YA?!?!?!"

To which Madden replied, 


All hockey. All the time.

So, laying in bed with Madden, and he wanted to do math problems before he went to sleep. 
First one was 11+22, then 45-5, then I asked him, "What's 3 groups of 3?" 
Without even thinking he said, "9". 
I was shocked he answered it so quickly, so I asked him how it did it so fast. His response,

"Well, 3 on 3 in hockey is 6 people so another 3 would be 9. That's how I pictured it in my mind!" 

All hockey. All the time.

Birthday preparations

We don't make a big deal out of birthdays in this house. So, while I was laying down with Madden tonite I asked him where he'd like to go for his birthday supper Thursday. He told me he wanted one of those mousse cakes... the ones you get at Sobeys... (McCain's cake) and he wanted to go to Swiss Chalet for his birthday supper & he wants to order ribs. I said, "Sure thing! And they'll be coming to the table singing Happy Birthday with their tambourines!" His response was, "OH NO! NONE OF THAT! NO SINGING... they're strangers! And they can stick the tambourines up their arses!"


Future preparation...

So, I'm standing at the kitchen counter eating supper whole Kyle is eating his in the living room watching the LPGA on tv.

Madden leans in close to me and says,

"You know, Mom. When Dad grows up & you pass away (if you pass away before him), I'm pretty sure he's going to marry Brooke Henderson or the other half-Asian girl on the LPGA..."