Let’s hope he doesn’t send anything away...

So this is one of those ones I hesitated on posting... 

Madden and I were watching the Voice this evening and he had commentary on everything. One pairing came up and he says, "OMG. Look,  Mom! They're clearly related! Break out the cup to piss in to send to Ancestry DNA..." 🤦🏻‍♀️ 

*here's hoping he never send his piss to That website... considering they ask for saliva 

See you one, raise you one...

Me, to Madden who had just returned from music class today with his hair a complete mess after taking off his hoodie, "UMmmmmmmm. Crazy Hair day is NEXT week, bud."
His reply, without missing a beat,
"Yeah. And bad outfit day is the day after..."

Foiled again. My class thought it was funny. Jesus Murphy

For the want of a hot dog

It's no secret that Madden's hockey team has been struggling this season. (That's a long story that doesn't need explaining here!)

Friday night saw another night at the rink; another game where they were being out played drastically by another team. 

After one particularly bad shift, the coach started commenting at the bench, "Cmon, boys! Cmon! You gotta put some mustard on that! You gotta give the mustard!"

Madden, in all his wisdom, looked back at him and said, "[Coach], we don't even have the hotdog...."

He never ceases to amaze me with his quick wit and comments. 😝

*The coach just laughed and shook his head .
::::  Dawn  ::::

Turn around...

Ok. I sing A LOT in class. A lot. I can make a connection to song lyrics for just about any scenario/concepts that come up in class. So, just a few moments ago, I was singing "Turn your butt around" to a kid in class (a la the Rankin's 'Turn That Boat Around'). 

Madden chirps in from the other side of the classroom in perfect pitch/melody, 

"No! That's not how it goes! Don't you mean 'Turn around, bright eyes! Every now and then I fall apart... Turn around, bright eyes...'" 🤣

His knowledge of 80s music never ceases to amaze me.
::::  Dawn  ::::

You're watching WHAT?!

So, we come home from our gig at Breton Brewing & find the kids cuddled in the living room watching "Naked & Afraid" on the Discovery channel 🙈

Me: "It's probably not the best show to be watching, guys..." 
Madden responds, "What?! I'm not naked. I'm not afraid..." 

ok then 🙈🤦🏻‍♀️

What you singin'?!

Madden, singing coming down the hall, "Mom! That lasagna was awesome! I ate every lick!"
Proceeds to sing:

🎶 You and me goin' pissin' in the dark. Layin' on our backs and counting our farts...🎶

::::  Dawn  ::::

Good? Friday?

::::  Dawn  ::::