Christmas Craziness...

Madden's Christmas celebrations began with a very excited little man getting to skate with the Screaming Eagles:
in the "tenally box" with Will Carrier

His buddy Kyle Campbell. They chat before each game.

#2. "Ye-dook" aka Loic Leduc. "He's a great guy, Mommy!"

Blake Millman. "Him's a good fighter."

"My favourite, Mommy! Morgan Ellllls"
Dany Potvin: took him skating all around the ice! LOL "Real fast!"
on the Eagles bench, proud as a peacock!

Then as Christmas vacation proceeded, there was a LOT of hockey playing, which was only enhanced by hockey nets as a present:

And then came the gifts from Santa:
And what about the gems out of his mouth?
  • When opening each and every gift, "Oh WOW! My favourite! I needed that!"
  • We were heading out the door to go somewhere & I caught him trying to swat a bulb off the tree with his hockey stick. "MADDEN! You can't do that!!!!" M: "URGH! Oh for Jesus, Jesus, sakes!"
  • While watching World Juniors: "That was a Jesus, Jesus good goal!"
  • "Mommy, Santa Claus scare the shit out of me!"
  • He & Brenley were playing 'house' so I decided I'd make them a 'restaurant' lunch. They're sitting at the table, all dressed up as a mom and dad, and I brought them their orders - macaroni & tomato juice.LOL. I just got my butt back to the kitchen to get them milk, and he says, "Scuze me, Sir? Dis is too hot!" LMAO
And I'm sure there were others, but I'm at a loss right now...
Merry Kistmas from Madden!

Ho Ho Ho!

An email came from Santa... For Madden!