Madden's BFF, Siri

Mr. Madden loves the Siri option on his ipad mini. It's quite the love affair they have going on. Any time there's hockey on, the first thing he does the next morning hen he gets up is grab the ipad and ask:

"Siri, did the HABS win last night?!?!"
"I'm sorry, I do not understand what you're asking me..."
"Did the Montreal Canadiens WIN last night?!"

And Siri brings him the score. He loves it.

Conversely, he also asks,
"Siri, did the Leafs LOSE last night?!"
*notice the subtleties in the way the two questions are asked

However, yesterday may have taken the cake... picture him laying on the hardwood floor in the living room...After chatting with Siri for a little bit, I hear,

"Siri, did you know I'm a hockey player, too?" 
"I'm sorry... what did you say?" 
"Did you KNOW that I play hockey? I'm A HOCKEY PLAYER..." 
"Sorry, I can't answer that right now..." 
"Sorry, I do not understand..." 
"Jesus, Mary and Joseph..."

And Siri brings up this:

"MOM! Siri knows Jesus!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Christmas Shopping Madden Style

A little man with a BIG heart and no idea of the value of a dollar! Lol

Things you have to save for the future...

When they go to school, they learn to read and write. It's quite the journey and can happen quickly.

Madden has taken to "texting" me using Kyle's phone. This message the other day kind of spilled the beans... Straight from the heart ;)

Making supper...

So, Madden insisted on helping Kyle peel potatoes for supper prep. Kyle let him & as they're peeling them Madden quips (in a lady's Newfie accent),

"Geez, by'e. You're goin' too fast!"
 Which means nothing, until you realize he's quoting this video:

Remembrance Day Fail

Ok. Remembrance Day fail: Madden asks me after school, after his class had rehearsed their poem for the Remembrance Day ceremony at school....

"So, mom... Who's Little Poppy anyways?"


Chats with Madden : On hairdressers....

Kyle asked Madden if the one who cut his hair today was cute.
Madden responded,
"Ah.... NO! She was old and did her best, though..."


What rhymes with....?

So, on our way home from Brenley's dance class this evening we were trying to play the "Rhyming Game" where I say a word & the kids have to come up with a rhyming word. It was a lesson in hilarity as Madden wasn't quite grasping the concept (but sure proved he knows initial sounds in words LOL), however, the funniest had to be when I said,
"Ok, Brenley. A word that rhymes with 'dance' but is another word for 'walk'."
Mr. Madden pipes up, quick as anything, 
"Hans. Like Handsome. Cuz you both know I'm handsome!"
My nerves.


One word. So many options...

Let's sum up Madden's first 2 weeks of school...

First day:
Comes home, tells his father, "You should have seen **** (girl he has a major crush on) in her leopard print dress today!"

Second day:
"In music class today, we had to play an instrument and I had to stand up so I could beat my foot in time with the shaker thing so I looked real good..."

Third day:
Aside from the head lice notice, he says on the way home,
"So, I asked *that girl* if she would ask her mom if she could come for a sleep over... I expect her answer tomorrow..."

On the weekend, Kyle asked him who he liked better, Eugenie Bouchard or *that girl*.
"Definitely *that girl* cuz I get to see her in person every day and she knows me & I know her..."

He's also wondered aloud if Mrs. Pozzebon, his teacher, would be inviting him for a pool party...

Phabulous Hockey Talk...

Absolutely giggling to myself over the epic argument happening between Brenley & Madden in the living room. 
M: "Dion Pa-neuf" 
B: "No it's Pha-neuf"
M: "Nope, you're wrong, it starts with a P and a P says 'puh'... so Pa-neuf"
B: "Noooooo. It starts with a P & H... PH make a sound. Together. Like F. Like fffffffff. So it's Phanuef"
M: "I'm asking mom.....(then under his breath) But I DO know what position he plays in hockey... pffft...."

Crafting... of sorts....

Yesterday I taught Brenley how to cross stitch. She's totally addicted to it & is working on a Super Mario piece after the 2 she designed and created yesterday. BUT... Madden keeps calling it "CROTCH STITCHING". I'm nearly peeing my pants here... LMAO

Singing lessons

Brenley's trying to teach Madden the song "Jesus Take the Wheel". She's correcting the notes he's singing. He says,
 "Who cares... I just want to be able to say 'Jesus'" [insert his shithead laugh here]

Meeting people

Memorable Conversation Piece # 7?in SUV heading to PEI:

"Dad, how do you know Cedie?"
K: "I know Cedie cuz he's married to my sister"
M: "I guess when you met him you shook his hand an said, 'Nice to meet you'

We're pissing our pants laughing

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Traveling gems...

As we're heading to PEI, although still in Cape Breton, mind you, Mister pipes up...
"Mom... Where are we getting rid of you?"
"Dad, aren't we getting rid of her in some woods somewhere or something?!"


Also... As we're traveling along, Kyle & I were talking about something funny Ambrose had said. He pipes up from the backseat:
"Oh that Ambrose... He's so hue-meer-iss"

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The "Real School" trial

My god he was ready for this... And excited! He couldn't wait for his chance to impress people at "big school". That, he did. He aced the day and was as comfortable as anything. I truly feel this kid is ready for grade primary!


As he says himself when he thinks he's being funny, "oh ya know.... That's genetics!"

Here he is with his look alike & act alike ;)

When the going gets tough... Summer Madness 2014

Snow day Broadway Act aka the things my sister puts me up to...