Can I just post a bunch & call them Good Lord?!??!

Here's how he signs the guest book / plate at a wedding:


Madden's final thoughts on the family reunion, playing with cousins, being exhausted, etc:
"I can't figure out why they called him 'Milk-um' (Malcolm). Do they think he came from a cow or something?" Yep. Lol.


From my Aunt Sheila's Facebook Post:

Omg ---they are the sweetest little set of cuties ----they were so excited and so good all night ----laughed. Giggled , and never missed a trick -----That Madden is friggen priceless ----when we got home there were two raccoons at my garbage can ----mr pipes up and says """oops mom and dad are here "" ahead of me -and laughs his guts out !!


Totally impromptu step dancing lessons in the kitchen with Madden. "I already know how to do my jiggities... and da udder one is like this 'Toe shuffle bang bang'... or is it 'Toe shuffle hop bang?!'"


Madden came home from Playgroup today with this creation, which he told me was Uncle Dale. I think the resemblance is uncanny. Especially those Apple Bottom Jeans  lol 


So, Madden was explaining to Kyle Gillis how he was at "The Dome" yesterday. Kyle keeps saying, "Where?!? Where?!" And Madden's trying his best to explain where it is by the "see doughs windmills" (aka CBU... which is also a dig at Ma). Kyle pipes up and says, "OH! The Liquor Dome! You were at the Liquor Dome!" To which Madden replies... all annoyed, "NO! There's no ice cream there!" LMAO

(Get it? Licker? Liquor?! LOL)