Meeting people

Memorable Conversation Piece # 7?in SUV heading to PEI:

"Dad, how do you know Cedie?"
K: "I know Cedie cuz he's married to my sister"
M: "I guess when you met him you shook his hand an said, 'Nice to meet you'

We're pissing our pants laughing

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Traveling gems...

As we're heading to PEI, although still in Cape Breton, mind you, Mister pipes up...
"Mom... Where are we getting rid of you?"
"Dad, aren't we getting rid of her in some woods somewhere or something?!"


Also... As we're traveling along, Kyle & I were talking about something funny Ambrose had said. He pipes up from the backseat:
"Oh that Ambrose... He's so hue-meer-iss"

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The "Real School" trial

My god he was ready for this... And excited! He couldn't wait for his chance to impress people at "big school". That, he did. He aced the day and was as comfortable as anything. I truly feel this kid is ready for grade primary!


As he says himself when he thinks he's being funny, "oh ya know.... That's genetics!"

Here he is with his look alike & act alike ;)

When the going gets tough... Summer Madness 2014