Christmas Craziness...

Madden's Christmas celebrations began with a very excited little man getting to skate with the Screaming Eagles:
in the "tenally box" with Will Carrier

His buddy Kyle Campbell. They chat before each game.

#2. "Ye-dook" aka Loic Leduc. "He's a great guy, Mommy!"

Blake Millman. "Him's a good fighter."

"My favourite, Mommy! Morgan Ellllls"
Dany Potvin: took him skating all around the ice! LOL "Real fast!"
on the Eagles bench, proud as a peacock!

Then as Christmas vacation proceeded, there was a LOT of hockey playing, which was only enhanced by hockey nets as a present:

And then came the gifts from Santa:
And what about the gems out of his mouth?
  • When opening each and every gift, "Oh WOW! My favourite! I needed that!"
  • We were heading out the door to go somewhere & I caught him trying to swat a bulb off the tree with his hockey stick. "MADDEN! You can't do that!!!!" M: "URGH! Oh for Jesus, Jesus, sakes!"
  • While watching World Juniors: "That was a Jesus, Jesus good goal!"
  • "Mommy, Santa Claus scare the shit out of me!"
  • He & Brenley were playing 'house' so I decided I'd make them a 'restaurant' lunch. They're sitting at the table, all dressed up as a mom and dad, and I brought them their orders - macaroni & tomato juice.LOL. I just got my butt back to the kitchen to get them milk, and he says, "Scuze me, Sir? Dis is too hot!" LMAO
And I'm sure there were others, but I'm at a loss right now...
Merry Kistmas from Madden!

Ho Ho Ho!

An email came from Santa... For Madden!

2 Gems in a 12 Hour Span

Last night, the French teacher from work was here visiting at the house.
Madden sneezed two times, to which she said 'Bless You' in French.
Madden looked at her and said, "No! Bwess Oooo!"
She responded, "No... you can say it in French, too [insert French here!]"
I said, "Say it in Gaelic, Madden!"
His response?


Then this morning he demands,
"Mommy, I want milk!"

"Get me your sippy cup and I"ll get you some milk, then."

"Aye, aye, Captain Lady!" he responded.

My nerves.

Madden's Dedication to Our Country... for the sake of hockey

This would be his pre-kitchen-game ritual.

That's a love of all things hockey!

When you can't find your son inside...

... Look outside for the character from some typical Canadian tv show walking around in skates & a hockey helmet, hanging out with some random stray beast of a dog :P

Only today, I promise!!!

"Jesus, Jesus! Look at those deer running up the woods there!"

"I don't wanna go this way, Mommy. I want to go on the Calbit Tale"

"Algonquin Jesus" (for Kyle saying 'Jesus gentle Jesus)

At the GPS (Which moo's everytime you go over the speed limit) "Shut up, cow!!"

Sent from my iPhone

Taking the term "Garage Band" to a whole new level

LMAO We can never say they lack creativity!
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And his moments begin to cluster...

Yep. We're at that stage in Madden's life where it's getting hard to keep up with his magical words of wisdom. Here's a cluster of recent vacation gems:

While at the pool in a hotel in Halifax, Mister decided that he was going to "gump" in off the side.
"No hands, Mommy!" (I put them down, in fear.)
"NO! No, Mommy! Hands under the wa-la!" (Oh jesus, I thought.)
And while he jumped many times before this instance, it was 2 bikini clad young women which diverted his attention this time; they were getting out of the hot tub, heading to the pool.


As he points to them! OMFG! "MADDEN, sssssssshhhhhhhhh!..... QUIET!!!"
To which he coyly replied, with his hands out in complete confusion on either side of him,
"Wha?!?!? Wha, Mommy?!?!?"

If I didn't die of embarrassment, the two middle aged men in the hot tub nearly died from choking on their beer!


So, we had been on vacation for more than 2 weeks now, and Madden had been sleeping in a bed the whole time. This one particular night at Grammie's in Scotsville, Madden was being a little more of a pain to get to sleep than usual. He was up, down, jumping, laying this way and that all around the bed while I lay beside him. Finally he decided to stand on the radiator beside the bed and simply look at me, as if to say "Pffft! Ha ha on you!"

So, I got cross:
"Madden, I'm going to count to 3 and you better be laying down ready to go to sleep!!!!"
(He continues to just look at me mockingly.)

and what am I met with!?!? A little voice, speaking through a smug face and a ditty (soother),
Go to 5?!?!?

Ugh. All I could do was laugh, leave the room and start all over again!

If you're looking for advice...

We were to visit Papa in the Manor today. Uncle Dale & Daddy were playing the fiddle & Madden, Brenley & Mommy gave a few steps. As we were leaving Madden told Papa, "No girlfriends, Papa & No pickin' your nose!" LOL

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Now that he's talking... there is a bit more to post on here...

Now... I'm not sure if that's good, or bad, but there will be more to post!
Here are some gems from the past week.

We were waiting for Kyle to show up at the pool where Brenley's swimming lessons are. It was a really windy day. So, we were sitting in the truck waiting for Kyle when a gust of wind felt like it moved the truck!
Jesus! Jesus! It's windy in this trut!
Was what we heard from the back seat :(


Madden went shopping for groceries in Sydney with the babysitter this past week. She was telling me how he didn't shut up the whole way down in the car, then in the grocery store he was gibbering away. At one point she asked him, "Are you full of old rope, or what?!" He promptly replied:
No! I full of shit!
She was so taken back that all she could do was laugh and laugh and tears streamed down her face!LOL

Aside from his new favorite saying, "Oh God!", he's constantly asking "What happened?" which some people would say is better than 'why?' I guess. Except today, when we were leaving Burger King for breakfast he kind of took the cake!

Brenley was lagging behind in the washroom... taking forever. SLOW. When she and I finally got out to the truck he looked at her and said:
You pee, Benley?
You poop?


God love him! God help us!

We experience this about 5 times a day...

Madden sings O Canada several times a day before he plays hockey in the house.
Here's your chance to see it once...

Be careful what you ask....

We went to Moncton for March Break. Germy Palace. Mall. Pool at the hotel. It was a great time. One of Madden's defining moments came when he and I were walking through the mall one day, though.

He's into doing things "a-self". This includes walking in the mall without holding onto your hand, because if he's holding your hand, it's not by "a-self".

So, we were walking along the mall and he was about 2 steps behind me. All of a sudden I hear as loud as anything:

Ugh! Mommy!

"What's wrong, Madden?" (as I look back at he who is looking all serious)

He reaches behind him and starts scratching his arse,

My bum's itchy!!!!

The poor lady walking beside me nearly keeled over in laughter.
"Good luck when he starts school," she said.

Oh... we know, dear.

Terrible 2s just beginning?!?!

What happens when Mommy goes downstairs for 5minutes to put some laundry away?
Clean up in aisle 7 :(

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I wanna be a cowboy...

But 30 seconds ago I was rocking out with a mic singing "The Best of Both Worlds" and 5 minutes before that I was the star player in the GHL (Gillis Household Hockey League).


It's a rough and busy life being almost 2 years old!

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