"Tonight's starting line up..." December 13, 2013

The night he "practiced his whole life for"

It was a big moment!

We got a phone call asking us if Madden wanted to be the Screaming Eagles 7th player at the hockey game!

When I finally decided to tell him (which I wasn't' going to in fear he wouldn't sleep with excitement!), he just stood there in stunned silence.

What does that mean?

Well, you know when the starting line up comes out & lines up for 'O Canada', then a little Eagle comes out? Well, you're gonna be that little Eagle tomorrow (Friday) night!



Wow. I've waited and practiced my whole life for this! Remember when I was standing right there when I was two and you took a video of me doing this to O Canada?! Now I get to do it!

And so he did! With his favourite player, Jason Bell #4.