In today’s episode of Shit Madden Says/Does:

We spent some time in class this afternoon cleaning desks & making sure our binders were well-organized for the new teacher coming in for me next week. I had found the most organized science/social studies binder; the most organized language arts binder, but was still looking for the most organized math binder. So, Mr. walks down to the back of the classroom to the table I'm sitting at & proclaims, "You don't need to look any more. The best math binder is RIGHT HERE!" And he plopped the binder in front of me. 

It was looking pretty good- all the work in there, in the right sections... Graph of the Week, Math Workshop... then I looked in the Word Problems section. In it I see the word work/ spelling lesson from the week before. "That doesn't belong in there! That belongs in Language Arts," I told him. 
His response: "Welll... those are the words I have problems with!" Oh my god. "Next binder?" LOL

== Dawn ==


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