A holiday weekend, eh?

A PSA on Mother's Day: Always be honest with your mom.

Madden was reading me the Mother's Day card he made for me at school,
"You’re the best mom euvr!”
Me: “ahhhhhhhh! Thanks, Madden!”

Him: “well, uh, only sometimes...”

Some kids count sheep to go to sleep...

A little bedtime chuckle for you, seeing it's Gaelic awareness Month and all...

I was just in saying my 'good nights' to Madden, and he was laying there counting in Gaelic, "aon, a dha, a tri, a ceithir (continues) ...aon-deug, da, dheug, tri deug, ... naoi deug... um.... deich times 2..."

Dare say he's got a good handle on the Gaelic AND the mathematics ;)

Smart ass...

​So, Madden is explaining the game his class was playing in Gaelic class today. It was all about hair colour & those with the same hair colour had to go in the middle of the circle. He and a few other blondies were in the middle when another brunette joined them. 

"Mom! She doesn't know her colours! She doesn't know her hair's not blonde! So <a classmate> whispered to me 'She might have *some* blonde in there somewhere.' So, I said, 'yeah. Maybe in her brain she does... but not on her head!'"

Where does he hear this stuff?