2 Gems in a 12 Hour Span

Last night, the French teacher from work was here visiting at the house.
Madden sneezed two times, to which she said 'Bless You' in French.
Madden looked at her and said, "No! Bwess Oooo!"
She responded, "No... you can say it in French, too [insert French here!]"
I said, "Say it in Gaelic, Madden!"
His response?


Then this morning he demands,
"Mommy, I want milk!"

"Get me your sippy cup and I"ll get you some milk, then."

"Aye, aye, Captain Lady!" he responded.

My nerves.

Madden's Dedication to Our Country... for the sake of hockey

This would be his pre-kitchen-game ritual.

That's a love of all things hockey!