Phabulous Hockey Talk...

Absolutely giggling to myself over the epic argument happening between Brenley & Madden in the living room. 
M: "Dion Pa-neuf" 
B: "No it's Pha-neuf"
M: "Nope, you're wrong, it starts with a P and a P says 'puh'... so Pa-neuf"
B: "Noooooo. It starts with a P & H... PH make a sound. Together. Like F. Like fffffffff. So it's Phanuef"
M: "I'm asking mom.....(then under his breath) But I DO know what position he plays in hockey... pffft...."

Crafting... of sorts....

Yesterday I taught Brenley how to cross stitch. She's totally addicted to it & is working on a Super Mario piece after the 2 she designed and created yesterday. BUT... Madden keeps calling it "CROTCH STITCHING". I'm nearly peeing my pants here... LMAO

Singing lessons

Brenley's trying to teach Madden the song "Jesus Take the Wheel". She's correcting the notes he's singing. He says,
 "Who cares... I just want to be able to say 'Jesus'" [insert his shithead laugh here]