Hockey, Weather Forecasts, Sickness, and General Phrases

We're watching Cindy Day do the weather forecast on the news at noon. She says "flurries". Madden pipes up: "What she sayin'? Fleury? The Goalie? She's talkin'bout goalies? Why? Why you guys laughin'?!" LOL All Hockey. All. The. Time.


Brenley is sick on the couch with a stomach  bug. Madden is watching "she" to make sure she's ok. Then he comes and tells me, 
"It's ok, Mommy. I put my hand on she head. She doesn't have a beaver. She ok."


Words that Madden has his own spin on:

wub = love "I wub you, Mommy!"
she = her "I check on she"
we = our "I playin' wit we toys."
tenaly = penalty "I'm in the tenaly box."
foft = soft "I want my foft blankie."
grink = drink "I want a grink of milk"

So, in spite of all of that gibberish, he can pull off something like this:

And here's a popular video... LOL