Madden's schoolwork strikes again....

== Dawn ==

Spelling. Vs Phonetics...

So on the way home from school Madden was busy creating on his iPad in the backseat. All of a sudden he asks Brenley, "How do you spell 'a punna'?" Brenley doesn't answer. "Brenley, how do you spell 'a punna'?" She says, "HUH?!" So he's completely frustrated with the non-immediate response by this point and SCREAMS "HOW DO YOU SPELL A PUNNA?!" Brenley is now roaring laughing, "I have NO idea what you're saying. Use it in a sentence..."
Madden says, "JESUS! Like 'once a punna time...'"
I think his teacher has to work on pronunciation before spelling 🙈
== Dawn ==

Where's that?

We're on our way to the airport to drop Brenley & I off on our way to Scotland. Kyle is relaying his traveling experiences and taking about the time he flew first class from Halifax to Amsterdam. Madden pipes up from the backseat... "where's Hampsterdamn?" Kyle's response through his laughter, "Right next to Squirrel Corner" 😂
== Dawn ==

On the subject of tuning guitars....

So, Madden has been channeling his not-so-inner Uncle Pat DNA and has had a guitar strapped to him for 2 days now. He explains to me, "You know on the ukulele you say (he sings) 'My Dog Has Fleas' when you're tuning. But a guitar has more strings so I say (sings again in perfect pitch) 'My cat shits on the floor'"

**** For the record: Piseag, the cat, is 17 years old. He does have some bowel issues from time to time. LOL

== Dawn ==

First Communion last minute preparations...


Saturday morning life coaching sessions

So, now that religion classes have started...

What are you doing today, Dad?

The day he designed hockey jerseys

The story behind Madden's name

It never rains, but it pours...

So, kids just came in from outside "sledding". At least I thought they were sledding until Madden pipes up, "Holy Shit! We were rolling in the rain barrel down the hill! It was AWESOME! Rollin' all over the place, spinnin' in circles, kinda out of control..." 😱