The Life Cycle of a Butterfly (copied from his sister's blog)

There was a lot of discussion yesterday after school. A lot of it had to do with me getting Kyle up to speed as to why Brenley was grounded from her iPad for the day. A full day.  (And I wasn't about to go through the play-one-parent-off-the-other game!)

Anywhoo... Brenley pipes up,
"Yeah! Well you treat me differently than the other kids in class!"

"No, I don't. When you're not paying attention or up and about out of your seat, I call you out on it just as I would anyone else in the class... Would you have done that last year?"

"... no..."

"The year before that? .... the year before THAT?!..."

Brenley retorted with the utmost disdain,
"... well, it's not my fault this is the year the butterfly decided to break free from her cocoon!"

To which, Kyle and I both rolled our eyes...
"Spare me!" Kyle said.

Then I noticed a snapchat coming in on the ipad & I may have threatened to read it, which totally put vinegar in Brenley's wounds and she stormed off to her room and slammed the door.

Little Mr. I-Love-When-My-Sister-Is-In-Trouble starts to sing from side stage:

"Butterfly fly away..."

Then as we're laughing, Madden says,
"WHA? Butterflies fly out of their racoons!"

Oh we laughed!