Chats with Madden : On hairdressers....

Kyle asked Madden if the one who cut his hair today was cute.
Madden responded,
"Ah.... NO! She was old and did her best, though..."


What rhymes with....?

So, on our way home from Brenley's dance class this evening we were trying to play the "Rhyming Game" where I say a word & the kids have to come up with a rhyming word. It was a lesson in hilarity as Madden wasn't quite grasping the concept (but sure proved he knows initial sounds in words LOL), however, the funniest had to be when I said,
"Ok, Brenley. A word that rhymes with 'dance' but is another word for 'walk'."
Mr. Madden pipes up, quick as anything, 
"Hans. Like Handsome. Cuz you both know I'm handsome!"
My nerves.


One word. So many options...

Let's sum up Madden's first 2 weeks of school...

First day:
Comes home, tells his father, "You should have seen **** (girl he has a major crush on) in her leopard print dress today!"

Second day:
"In music class today, we had to play an instrument and I had to stand up so I could beat my foot in time with the shaker thing so I looked real good..."

Third day:
Aside from the head lice notice, he says on the way home,
"So, I asked *that girl* if she would ask her mom if she could come for a sleep over... I expect her answer tomorrow..."

On the weekend, Kyle asked him who he liked better, Eugenie Bouchard or *that girl*.
"Definitely *that girl* cuz I get to see her in person every day and she knows me & I know her..."

He's also wondered aloud if Mrs. Pozzebon, his teacher, would be inviting him for a pool party...