One word. So many options...

Let's sum up Madden's first 2 weeks of school...

First day:
Comes home, tells his father, "You should have seen **** (girl he has a major crush on) in her leopard print dress today!"

Second day:
"In music class today, we had to play an instrument and I had to stand up so I could beat my foot in time with the shaker thing so I looked real good..."

Third day:
Aside from the head lice notice, he says on the way home,
"So, I asked *that girl* if she would ask her mom if she could come for a sleep over... I expect her answer tomorrow..."

On the weekend, Kyle asked him who he liked better, Eugenie Bouchard or *that girl*.
"Definitely *that girl* cuz I get to see her in person every day and she knows me & I know her..."

He's also wondered aloud if Mrs. Pozzebon, his teacher, would be inviting him for a pool party...


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