Madden's BFF, Siri

Mr. Madden loves the Siri option on his ipad mini. It's quite the love affair they have going on. Any time there's hockey on, the first thing he does the next morning hen he gets up is grab the ipad and ask:

"Siri, did the HABS win last night?!?!"
"I'm sorry, I do not understand what you're asking me..."
"Did the Montreal Canadiens WIN last night?!"

And Siri brings him the score. He loves it.

Conversely, he also asks,
"Siri, did the Leafs LOSE last night?!"
*notice the subtleties in the way the two questions are asked

However, yesterday may have taken the cake... picture him laying on the hardwood floor in the living room...After chatting with Siri for a little bit, I hear,

"Siri, did you know I'm a hockey player, too?" 
"I'm sorry... what did you say?" 
"Did you KNOW that I play hockey? I'm A HOCKEY PLAYER..." 
"Sorry, I can't answer that right now..." 
"Sorry, I do not understand..." 
"Jesus, Mary and Joseph..."

And Siri brings up this:

"MOM! Siri knows Jesus!!!!!!!!!!!!!"