and now for a news bulletin...

well, not really, but there should be some updates on here!

So how do you like me now?
Here's what I'm all about at 15 months old:

  • I have an undying love of golf clubs/hockey sticks.
  • Everytime I see anything hockey I say
    "Guy! Guy! Guy!" (which we think may mean "look")
    "Go Ee-alls Go!"
    I love to hit my sister... my mamaidh... dadaidh... anyone really. And, the only way I'll stop is if you pretend to cry like it really hurt.
  • I know when I'm being bad.
  • My sister has taught me how to jump on the bed.
  • I don't walk. I run. Unless, like at the mall the other evening, I don't want to go anywhere, which, in that case I'll sit on the floor and let someone drag me!
  • I love to dance & have the cutest should shimmy thing that I do with  a little attitude tilt of my head. I've got rhythm!
  • I can pretend to play the fiddle and diddle "tunes" while I'm doing it.
  • When I'm bored with eating I throw all my food on the floor. One night I even threw the plate clear across the living room! (it smashed)
  • I love to play/be outside and throw a tantrum whenever I have to come in.
  • My newfoun talent is putting my shoes on... which means I"m always taking them off so I can put them back on again!
  • I hate socks.
  • I hate being taken out of the bath tub no matter how badly I"m shivering cuz I took the plug out and exclaimed
    "I did it!"
  • I drink copious amounts of milk!
  • I'm currently in love with a soft, fluffy baby blue and white blanket that Sheila Stinky Bum gave me. It has an 'M' on it, too. I love to be wrapped up in it, or walking around with it cozied around me so I look like the Virgin Mary... with horns sticking out.
  • Apparently, I look like Dadaidh, but my personality bears an uncanny resemblance to Uncle Pat's. Maybe it's cuz I love to be the center of attention and seek to make sure I am!


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