2 Gems in 1 Day

We were driving home from the babysitter's and Brenley & I were arguing about something (I can't remember what exactly.). Anyway, the way it all went down is, I was giving her the finite answer about whatever we were talking about and she kept asking:
"But how do you know?!?!"
And... through the rearview mirror I see Mister in the carseat shaking his head no everytime. hee hee.
I guess that's how he "knows".


Madden & I went to the mall, where he proceeded to charm just about everyone there. Each store had different music, of course, and he was drivin'er showing his dance moves to anyone who would watch and/or comment.
By the end of the shopping/looking trip, he was getting pretty sleepy, and while in the last store, he wasn't dancing as much. I asked him if he was going to dance for the girl behind the counter and he did a little. So, I asked him if he could boogie....
and he stuck his finger up his nose and looked right at her!
Ack... my children!
She nearly fell over laughing!

(I hope to post some videos of him dancing & boogeying soon!)


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