My very first letter to Santa

3563 Long Island Rd
Barrachois, NS, B1Y 3N3

December 1st, 2009

Dear Santa,

My name is Madden Iain Ruaraidh Gillis (Iain Ruaraidh is Gaelic for “John Rory”). I am 9 & a half months old. This is my first Christmas. I saw you at the parade & in the mall and I wasn’t scared, so hopefully I won’t be scared getting my picture taken with you!

I don’t need much for Christmas. Any surprises you give me would be fine, because I’ll probably want whatever my sister has, anyway!

I hope you have a safe journey from the North Pole. After church, when we’re eating pizza, I hear we’ll be tracking your journey on the internet. I’ll try to be the best boy an active, little 9 & a half month old can be!

Merry Christmas!



Madden Gillis, 9 & a half months old


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