Growing up right before your eyes...

My oh my how you're growing... and your personality is certainly coming out as well!

You turned 9 months old on Remembrance Day, November 11th. With that came your first tooth, which now explains the hellish, sleepless weel you put me through last week :( You were waking every hour and a half!

Eating EVERYTHING! Some of your favourites are bananas, Mum Rice cookies, peas, carrots, brocoli, and cheese. You certainly enjoy bread for breakfast, too! The big thing, though, is that you ahve to be feeding yousrlsef. If you're not feeding yourself, you'll try and spit your food out!

Your bag of tricks is of now you can:
wave good bye
wave hello (two separate waves, no less)
show that Dadaidh is gone
say "gone"
show us your crosss
how us your excited
blow pogs (kisses)

You can also walk all over the friggin place holding on to things... and you love to dance! It's hilarious. You're pretty good to sing, too. You love to sing when you're falling asleep in the truck!

On November 20th... you managed to empty your sister's bookcase. When I got cross at you, you looked at me and hollared a bunch of gibberish while you shook your fist at me! You little bugger!


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