All in one day...

... actually in the span of 2 hours:

We were driving a friend home from school & she and I were talking in the front seat. Well, Mr. Madden was feeling a bit left out.
 "Mommy.... Mommmmy!.... MOMMY?!?!?!" 
Yes, Madden?
"What you guys talkin' bout?"
Oh, the price of tea...
"Yeah, right. T...U...V...W...X, Y, Z!"


Then later when we got home, he was being a not-so-good boy. I got cross at him & yelled "MADDEN GILLIS!"
He just looked at me with this stunned little grin on his face and said,
 "You forgot the Iain Ruaraidh part" 

Today's Email...

Got an email today from the babysitter that said...

"Madden got in a bit of trouble today. Hopefully he will get on the straight and narrow soon!!!!!!!"

All I saw was the first sentence & immediately thought "Oh GOD! What did he ruin on her?"

Then I scrolled down & saw this pic:

I guess he's a little more like Uncle Pat than we thought ;)