Taking the term "Garage Band" to a whole new level

LMAO We can never say they lack creativity!
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And his moments begin to cluster...

Yep. We're at that stage in Madden's life where it's getting hard to keep up with his magical words of wisdom. Here's a cluster of recent vacation gems:

While at the pool in a hotel in Halifax, Mister decided that he was going to "gump" in off the side.
"No hands, Mommy!" (I put them down, in fear.)
"NO! No, Mommy! Hands under the wa-la!" (Oh jesus, I thought.)
And while he jumped many times before this instance, it was 2 bikini clad young women which diverted his attention this time; they were getting out of the hot tub, heading to the pool.


As he points to them! OMFG! "MADDEN, sssssssshhhhhhhhh!..... QUIET!!!"
To which he coyly replied, with his hands out in complete confusion on either side of him,
"Wha?!?!? Wha, Mommy?!?!?"

If I didn't die of embarrassment, the two middle aged men in the hot tub nearly died from choking on their beer!


So, we had been on vacation for more than 2 weeks now, and Madden had been sleeping in a bed the whole time. This one particular night at Grammie's in Scotsville, Madden was being a little more of a pain to get to sleep than usual. He was up, down, jumping, laying this way and that all around the bed while I lay beside him. Finally he decided to stand on the radiator beside the bed and simply look at me, as if to say "Pffft! Ha ha on you!"

So, I got cross:
"Madden, I'm going to count to 3 and you better be laying down ready to go to sleep!!!!"
(He continues to just look at me mockingly.)

and what am I met with!?!? A little voice, speaking through a smug face and a ditty (soother),
Go to 5?!?!?

Ugh. All I could do was laugh, leave the room and start all over again!