Now that he's talking... there is a bit more to post on here...

Now... I'm not sure if that's good, or bad, but there will be more to post!
Here are some gems from the past week.

We were waiting for Kyle to show up at the pool where Brenley's swimming lessons are. It was a really windy day. So, we were sitting in the truck waiting for Kyle when a gust of wind felt like it moved the truck!
Jesus! Jesus! It's windy in this trut!
Was what we heard from the back seat :(


Madden went shopping for groceries in Sydney with the babysitter this past week. She was telling me how he didn't shut up the whole way down in the car, then in the grocery store he was gibbering away. At one point she asked him, "Are you full of old rope, or what?!" He promptly replied:
No! I full of shit!
She was so taken back that all she could do was laugh and laugh and tears streamed down her face!LOL

Aside from his new favorite saying, "Oh God!", he's constantly asking "What happened?" which some people would say is better than 'why?' I guess. Except today, when we were leaving Burger King for breakfast he kind of took the cake!

Brenley was lagging behind in the washroom... taking forever. SLOW. When she and I finally got out to the truck he looked at her and said:
You pee, Benley?
You poop?


God love him! God help us!

We experience this about 5 times a day...

Madden sings O Canada several times a day before he plays hockey in the house.
Here's your chance to see it once...