Dear McDonald's Customers,

I'd like to take this time to apologize for your unwanted visitor at your table as you were eating your lunch.

I tried to reach him, but his little butt could conveniently slide in between the seat behind you & the window, giving him just enough room to make his way into the *inside* of your seat. Yes, while there he proceeded to prop his chin up in his hands (supported by his elbows on the table) and ramble nonstop:

"Hello! Hockey! Go Habs Go! .... Hockey.... Goot.... Ho ho...."

And yes, Ho Ho does get cross just like Mama.

I know many of the people there found this little visitor to your table quite humorous and entertaining, which, evidently fueled his passion and fire.

I hope you were able to otherwise enjoy your lunch and also hope you didn't miss that fry he stole.

Merry Christmas,
The Mother of Madden Gillis who is clearly not quick enough
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A message from Santa

Madden recieved a very important message from Santa today! You can see it here: